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Thread: "Multiple-Syllable Rhyming for Beginners (Multies)" by PJK

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    "Multiple-Syllable Rhyming for Beginners (Multies)" by PJK

    Multiple-Syllable Rhyming for Beginners (Multies)


    Have you ever wondered either what multies are or how to get better at them if you already know what they are? If you have, this thread is for you. Multies can make your verse flow better, look better, and hit harder. It takes time to learn how to write skilled lines and still use multies, but once you learn it, you will find it gets easier every day.

    What is a multie?
    Multies are a method of rhyming more than one syllable together. Before we go into what a multi is, however, you will need to know what is not a multie, because there are a lot of people out there that think they use them, but really don't.... I've seen it many times.

    These two examples are not multies
    Example 1:
    grabbin the four, bust thru the door to murder a whore/
    smash the slut wit a board and lay her head on the floor/

    Example 2:
    if i catch u fussin u get busted in the nugget wit musketz/
    tucked in the mud wit ur fingers thrown in a bucket/

    The first one was just rhymin words together more than once (four, door, whore, board, floor). Though it seems that would be multiple rhyming, it is not. Multie is short for multi-syllable rhyming, which is exactly what it says: rhyming together multiple syllablez. The second example is not a multie either. The reason? Musket, bucket, fussin...these are all suffixes...suffixes do not count as a rhyming syllable. The mud wit, or tucked in, those would count as a multie, but I try to stay away from using words such as is, in, the, a multie. It sounds better when u use full words. These are not "prominent syllables" (keep reading).

    This next example IS a multie
    Example 1:
    snatched off ya feet, breakin-ya-neck, stick a stake-in-ya-chest/
    then start chokin ya soul, fuck ya life, i'm takin-ya-death/

    You see how breakin-ya-neck, stake-in-ya-chest, takin-ya-death all rhyme together at more than one point? break, stake, take...and neck, chest, death. Words do not always have to rhyme EXACTLY. Rhyme, crime, time would be exact rhymes. Nine, life, five are not. However, in rap, they both work just as well, tho exact rhymes do sound ever-so-slightly better to the ear.

    You do not have to put three multies in one bar (two linez)....You can put only one in each line, or as many as you want, as long as you don't stretch your lines! (See Wyzerd's tutorial on bar length.) You will see in rhyming multies that not every syllable has to rhyme. It so happenz that the two middle syllablez in the example above are all in and ya. That's great if it happenz to be, but take for example exit-woundz, next-to-you, wreckin-crew.

    What has to rhyme and what doesn't.

    You will notice in rhyming that you have both "prominent" and "silent" syllables. in the example above, in and ya would be silent. You hear them, however their soundz are not prominent or stressed when spoken. In two syllable multies (wu-tang, blue-flame), of course, both syllablez will rhyme, or it wouldn't be a multie! In three syllablez, usually the first and last syllable rhyme (stomp-his-back, drop-the-batz, cockin-macz). You can variate on this, such as (babblin, travelin, abdomen, javelin, snatchin-men), but we'll get into that more next lesson. The same applies to four syllables as with three. Most often the first and last syllable rhyme, tho if the ones in between rhyme as well, more power to you! When u get into five syllables, usually the first, second and last, or the first, fourth and last rhyme: (shit-in-ya-stomach, rippin-em-from-it, spit-when-i-gut-him...these are all first, fourth, fifth). You also have your first, second and last (slap-bitches-wit-batz, my crack-itchez-so-bad, cats-spittin-like-fagz). As always, if more than those syllablez rhyme, more power to you. You may ask, what about six syllablez and so on, but after u get to five syllablez, anything more doesn't flow right. It's too long for your brain to really pick up on when you hear it. I suggest keeping it at five or under. Of course, it should go without saying, the first syllablez will always rhyme, because that is the start of the multie!

    How do I get better at multies?

    The best thing you can do to get better at multies is to read the dictionary. This soundz pretty simple, but I mean literally read it once, all the way through. There are rhyming dictionaries out there as well, but I personally feel as if it takes away my own style and personality...I also feel like I'm cheating, so I have never used them. I couldn't even tell you where to find them. I have read most of the dictionary, almost the whole thing. Just skim-read'll be surprised how much you retain. Vocabulary is they key, because no one wants to see you rhyme the same things over and over again.

    Another great way, probably the best if done in supplement to reading the dictionary and thesauruses, is to practice them. Take a certain rhyme scheme, such as...rhyme scheme! Now sit down without a dictionary, and make as many multies as you can out of it. When you can make about fifty multies in one scheme, you know you've got it. Do this with various rhyme schemez. Not writing verses, just lists of rhyming words. I have notebooks full of rhyming words and almost nothing else besides some wack verses written as a newbie.

    Finally, just expiriment. Don't use the same rhyme schemes but different rhyming words all the time...mix it up....Mix up how many syllables you use, etc.

    Tutorial written by PoizonusJK
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